While staging their hoaxes the illuminati include jokes. This is a way to prove their point: their sheep = human cattle.

Feb 4, 2015

Taipei Taiwan TransAsia Airways plane crash: mockery of ongoing 9/11 remake, Malaysia to Indonesia

Deliberately fake Taipei CRASH and RESCUE VIDEO: Mockery of simulated reality at the end of the show.

Taipei TransAsia Airways plane crash: joke about ongoing 9/11 remake, Malaysia to Indonesia, Taiwan to Jerusalem
Ongoing remake of 9/11 totally staged with actors. Episodes so far:
- Malaysia: missing Boeing 777: will be used to resurrect Osama Bin Laden at Temple Mount, Jerusalem, putting an end to the Obama Bi-nla-den presidency.
- Ukraine, Boeing 777 shotdown: staged by fake rebels sent by nazi agent "Putin", was NOT originally in the script. 
- AirAsia Airbus: originally scripted for early April 2014, postponed to Dec 28, 2014, because of the revolt in the Ukraine.
It didn't yet become the remake of 9/11 Shanksville, supposed to be announced Jan 17, because nazi assault on Donetsk airport failed. 
- Feb 4. Taipei TransAsia crash: Video created wit computer graphics, parody to the 9/11 WTC videos of fake planes.

As always in these fake plane crashes someone miraculously escaped.
This time the mockery, pushed to new limits, surfaces by simply googling this: transasia baby.

TransAsia Crash: Dad Saved Baby Son, Wife From Submerged Plane

Jan 18, 2005 - The second missing plane, originally scripted for early April 2014, was exposed also one hour later, Dec 28 2014:
Remake of Shanksville, part of the remake of 911 2001 at Jerusalem, that started with the missing Boeing 777, March 2014.
Not a beep about the act "Malaysian Airbus black boxes found" days ago, to introduce "brave passengers fight amid cries of Allah Ahkbar" - WHY:
because final assault on Donetsk failed
The nazi offensive, launched Jan 16, the final assault to Donestsk, was broken up by the rebels in the last few days, despite the treasonous leadership of Donetsk and Lugansk. 

Feb 11 - the usual joke served with every fake crash: TransAsia offers $470,000 compensation to crash families,
What it has to do with the "French families of switched babies awarded $2m":

Crash parody Video - 
Rescue parody video - 

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