While staging their hoaxes the illuminati include jokes. This is a way to prove their point: their sheep = human cattle.

Apr 26, 2014

Rigged Scotland independence referendum mocked by lottery jackpot collector

To get to what lengths the result of Scotland's referendum will be rigged (update: real result was more than 60% yes to independence)
What will happen in Scotland's referendum? The same as in every rigged "election" where all parts are controlled by one and the same:
agent Alex Salmond, playing leader of the pro-independence movement, will be the first to validate the transformation of two thirds voting pro-independence into less than 50%.

The perfect actor to mock the farce served as Scotland's independence referendum
One of the advantages of rigging state lotteries: the winner role is scripted at will. 
Fake lotteries is all it takes to have the two biggest winners played by one and the same actor.
Fake elections is the only additional ingredient to have the top winner and the top donor as one and the same, this time officially.
Fattened human cattle playing totally rigged state lotteries was previously mocked by having the same actor play Colin Weir and Adrian Bayford, #1 and #2 of the top ten UK jackpot winners. 
Now the same actor is again used to mock the coming rigged results of Scotland's referendum.

Mar 2014 - the first £3 million, apparently not yet enough to get the title of "biggest donors ever". For headline to read as TRUTH in plain sight just replace buying with mocking:
"Alex Salmond 'buying' referendum victory with lottery winners' £1m
Colin and Christine Weir, the Ayrshire couple who won £161 million in a 2011 Euromillions draw, have handed over a new seven-figure donation, according to Scotland on Sunday.
The pair have twice donated a similar amount in the past - once to the SNP, another time to the Yes campaign - though it remains unclear which organisation received the latest funds."

April 2014 : at  £4 million finally the offcial title:
Britain's biggest lottery winners, Colin and Christine Weir, are said to have donated a total of £4 million to Alex Salmond's campaign, making them the biggest donors in Scottish political history.

3 Mar 2014 Alex Salmond 'buying' referendum victory with lottery winners' £1m

20 Apr 2014: Britain's biggest lottery winners back the break-up of Britain

Rigged Euromillions: Britain's biggest lottery winners Mrs. Piggy #1 and #2 casted with the same Mr. Pig:

Now elections where people still count paper ballots are ALSO rigged.
The basic trick is as simple as: conceal results for each ballot box and publish only aggregate results.
Results guaranteed because all party leaders get orders from one and the same.