While staging their hoaxes the illuminati include jokes. This is a way to prove their point: their sheep = human cattle.

Aug 3, 2016

France ISIS kills old priest: funeral as church destruction starts

Fake blood: 86 years old priest killed by ISIS in France - funeral while church destruction starts

Destroying churches after the Catholic Church was destroyed
"Catholic church" was spiritually destroyed long ago, after being run by illuminazi infiltrators since "good pope John XXIII"'s election in 1958.
Afterwards the illuminati started the final stage: the physical destruction of christian churches no longer using wars as a cover-up.

France: ISIS invades Mass to kill extremely old priest - for dummies
Same as the other episodes served on a daily basis, setting the stage for the manhunt for resident muslims (as well as blacks, dissidents, etc), there are jokes included.
One of the killers is casted as "extremely young", to underline that "the only way to prevent it is to lock them all in camps, no matter the age".
The punch line this time: priest's funeral during the celebration of the real physical destruction of yet another historical Middle Age church in France.
This starts with shock police invadinig the church to drag out protesters, with a prostrated priest again as star of the cast. 
Note as ususal the omission technique: not a word about the timing in most related "news", as illustrated by the article "France lays to rest priest slain by jihadists".2. 

Other agendas advanced. Examples: 
- the "ISIS soldier"'s attack line, propagating black is white: those bombing the hell out of Syria, Iraq & Co are "christian crusaders", fomeenting hatred of muslims against christians.
- starring yet another le Pen female, again casted as catholic and patriot, this time Marion the niece not Marine the daughter.

July 27 - 'You Christians, you kill us': Nun reveals words of ISIS knifemen who forced elderly priest, 84, to kneel at altar as they slit his throat on camera after invading Mass - before police shot them

Aug 2 - France lays to rest priest slain by jihadists

Aug 3 - 'France, 2016' Le Pen's fury as riot police DRAG Christians out of church
The niece of French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has expressed her anger at shocking pictures of a Catholic priest being dragged out of a church - by riot police.
Marion Le Pen simply wrote “France, 2016 #SainteRita” alongside the image of the priest who refused to leave the mass he was holding in protest against the demolition of local church Sainte Rita. 

As for the incoming muslim refugees: they are already being gassed in Europe's extermination camps since Sep 2015.
That's why 
- the supposedly one million refugees that arrived in Germany in one year remain invisible 
- there is no list of locations and numbers where they supposedly are detained:
Talk of "Catholic church" and ongoing genocide of refugees in Europe:
Auschwitz before Lesbos and Homos: Satanic Trilogy of genocidal announcements by "Holy Father".
A milestone for truth in plain sight about an ongoing genocide set together with the Lesbos act:
Video "Greece: Refugee children fight barbed-wire with flowers and tears"