While staging their hoaxes the illuminati include jokes. This is a way to prove their point: their sheep = human cattle.

Jun 20, 2008

Raping the Lottery Jackpot: Sexual crimes pay! We are not going any further,,,

Rigged state lotteries alone prove that the illuminati TOTALLY control government, "opposition" and media in the US and EU.

The benefit of being able to chose the "winner" each time is that, like for any character in a cast: the personality of the "winner" can be designed at will.

Matt  Marriott first exposed the trick used by the illuminati in 2004, the day after the Illuminati released the "78 cents" joke about the "winner" Juan Rodriguez, a joke that as far as  the "miracle" of "hope", alias "Yes, we can!",  is impossible to beat.  (1)

Now the illuminati set another milestone for  jokes of  type "about the winner" (2), not only by the "prize" but also by daring to repeat the 2007 joke (3). A joke ("Sexual crimes pay!")  more directly related to real messages of illuminati agendas. (4)

Simultaneously the illuminati get closer to the ultimate border, telling openly to the human cattle: "We are Raping the Lottery Jackpot! Sexual crimes pay!" But for the moment they are "are not going any further" ... (5)


(1) http://lottery-for-dummies.blogspot.com/2004/12/government-jackpot-lottery-fraud.html

(2) Types of Illuminati jokes about the Lottery, with examples: Illuminati *** MEGA *** jokes playing the lottery - warning this is NOT a joke

(3) Feb. 1, 2007, first release of "We are Raping the Lottery Jackpot! Sexual crimes pay!" type of jokes: " Sex offender wins $14 million Florida Lotto jackpot" ... "FDLE records show winner Cowal is has a record of arrests for alleged offenses ranging from ... lewd and lascivious or indecent assault upon a child, trespass, aggravated assault, driving under the influence, probation violation and high-speed fleeing from law enforcement. He was sentenced to 23 months in prison between 1993 and 2000."

(4) Promoting any kind of sexual crimes. Start point for the uktimate sexual crime, pedophilia:

(5) How the Illuminati media packaged the "news under the: Headine "Sex offender wins $57 million lottery jackpot"

Fred Topous Jr., 45, the winner of last week's $57 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot, according to the Corrections Department's offender profile, pleaded guilty to assault with intent to commit sexual penetration in 1999 and pleaded guilty to breaking and entering charges in 1984 and 1988....
All three offenses occurred in Grand Traverse County. Prosecutor Alan Schneider said Wednesday that he wasn't familiar with the cases.

"I want to enjoy a little bit of life," Topous told state lottery officials. "We're plain folks. We've struggled all our lives."
The Michigan Lottery told Grand Rapids television station WOOD that anyone can play the lottery except those under 18 and those who work for the agency.
"He's had some tough breaks," friend and co-worker Jan Westcott told The Grand Rapids Press. "I know some of his secrets, and he knows some of mine. I'm not going any further."