While staging their hoaxes the illuminati include jokes. This is a way to prove their point: their sheep = human cattle.

Sep 22, 2016

South Korea exploding galaxies: revenge on Samsung with smartphones

Feb 2017: Illuminati self-mocking the mockery they used to celebrate taking control of Samsung: Battery Fire Breaks Out in Samsung Factory.
Reminder from Sep 2016:
Illuminati's revenge on Samsung came with literal bombs: the mockery staged as "exploding Galaxies".
It came after illuminati took over Samsung, one of only two not yet controlled global companies (the other one being Google).
The stage: what was one of the only real global markets, smartphones,

South Korea: Coreography of capsized ferry 2014: Samsung smartphones
Apr 16, four days before the birthday of Adolf Hitler, the Ordo Illuminatus Grand Master before, during and after World War II. 
2014-04-16 when it adds to 18 (666), it was celebrated with a mass sacrifice of young blood inside a capsized ferry, just off the coast of South Korea.
One of the most shocking images: teens calling their parents while slowly drowning.
After reading the few lines below you'll know ALSO the basic facts about the company that manufactured the smartphones used that day by hundreds of teens inside the "Sewol" for their last call.

Exploding Galaxies: illuminati joke reduced from Universe to Samsung
Samsung Batteries on Fire - what this illuminati joke is about.
What exploding Samsung galaxies mocks goes beyond the literal astronomical simulation, the computer generated imagery served as "snapshots of the Universe, billions of light years away, caught by NASA spacecraft". 
In 2014 Samsung was one of only two major companies worldwide not TOTALLY controlled by the illuminati.
After taking control of it, the joke fulfills illuminati religion's commandment of revenge.

February 9, 2017 - Battery Fire Breaks Out in Samsung Factory

Nov 21, 2016 - Samsung: Galaxy S7s Are Not Exploding
Isolated reports of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S7 smartphone exploding have not been confirmed, according to the Korean tech giant.
As Samsung continues to deal with the aftermath of its decision to end production of the Galaxy Note 7 following multiple fires and explosions, some Galaxy S7 users have reported their devices are also exploding.
In a statement, Samsung said there are 10 million S7 devices in the US, and none of them have had internal battery failures, but it has confirmed "a number of instances" caused by severe external damage.
"Until Samsung is able to obtain and examine any device, it is impossible to determine the true cause of any incident," the statement said. It was unclear if the company is seeking out the devices in the reported explosions to examine them. A spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Samsung's reputation as a maker of high-end smartphones took a big hit in September when it recalled and ultimately discontinued the Note 7 following multiple confirmed reports of fires and explosions. 
The US Department of Transportation classified Note 7s as dangerous goods and banned passengers from carrying them on commercial flights.
Samsung apologized to consumers and offered incentives to get Note 7 owners to switch to another Samsung phone, but it has so far not announced the cause of the fires and explosions.

October 10, 2016 - Here's why Samsung Note 7 phones are catching fire
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could explode. Read this to satisfy your burning curiosity.
You plug your smartphone into the bedside charger and place it on your nightstand with care.
You wake to find your nightstand in flames, smoke billowing everywhere.
Or maybe your Jeep. Your hotel room. Your entire home.
How could this have happened? Simple: your phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 -- and it's one of over a hundred that have spontaneously burst into flames.
After 35 reported incidents of overheating smartphones worldwide, Samsung made the unprecedented decision to recall every single one of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold. That's said to be 1 million of the 2.5 million that were manufactured. (Since the recall was first announced, the number of explosive Note 7s has nearly quadrupled.)
But why did these phones even catch fire to begin with? On January 22nd, 2017, Samsung finally explained: it's the batteries.
Why would a battery cause so much damage?
Here's what we found out back in September 2016, when this article was originally published.

From Dec 2011, added text identified by date:
Global Economy - the THREE BASIC FACTS
1. All major global companies but two: totally controlled by the Illuminati or more precisely by the Grand Master.
All major corporations, from computers to chemicals, from cars to real estate, are owned by one and the same secret society.
Whenever a new company emerges as a global player, thanks to technological innovation, it will not take long to be overtaken by the illuminati.
Only exceptions, the two resisters: Google and Samsung, "coincidentally" the duo that does stand for innovation.

To what lengths go South Korea government, all illuminati puppets (same as every other UN recognized government)
Illuminati religion: "truth in plain sight" and "human sacrifices, the more and the younger the better"
One episode that is also a crash course for dummies:
Apr 2013 - South Korea ferry captain casted as "The Death"
Korea Ferry "accident" EXPOSED: Mass Ritual Sacrifice of Youth, same as fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil

ASTRONOMY FOR DUMMIES - The ONE BASIC FACT - read and weep about yourself
Any celestial body that can not be observed with a telescope located ON Earth, is fake. 
This one basic fact implies that for instance Pluto (the first example among millions) is an invention created by the illuminati.
Decades later the illuminati used NASA and the soviet space agency to serially produce Pluto type of hoaxes.