While staging their hoaxes the illuminati include jokes. This is a way to prove their point: their sheep = human cattle.

Nov 30, 2016

Doomed Wonder Team: Plane Out of Fuel Before Crash: Double joke

Doomed Wonder Team: Plane Ran Out of Fuel Before Crash: DOUBLE joke
The general joke by fake plane crashes, the debris: this time it's survivors with half of the plane vaporized.
As for specific jokes: the peak from all lines added daily in the aftermath of the release of the script "Brazilian Football Wonder Team DROPPED": is "Ran Out of Fuel".

What the DOUBLE joke is about
It goes beyond mocking human cattle about to be stripped of air travel before even wondering about the "low cost flights" psy-op. 
It's also self-"mockery": same day oil prices jump 8%.
In other words: illuminati forced to admit that they are starting to run out of ammo (read: oil) to continue defending the most expensive psy-op ever: oil price below production costs.

Talk of "sports champions" casted in duo-pack scripts
Episode "South Africa: surfer Mick Fanning: shark attack caught on live broadcast" is "coincidentally" also part of setting the stage to strip human cattle from air travel and beyond: also from the beach.
Note: in this case DOUBLE doesn't refer to audiences but rather to agendas.

Nov 30, 2016 - Plane Carrying Doomed Brazilian Soccer Team Ran Out of Fuel Before Crash: 

Parallel script where Brazil's wonder team Chapecoense was casted: exposed by Last Prophet 20 months earlier. 
Mockery of sports at the end of the show: Parallel script's core
Human cattle has no memory, 20 months is way too long for anyone to wonder about the real "coincidence".
The first episode, the Argentina crash 2015 was meant to leave the audience wondering about this:
- Olympians casted in a reality show named "Dropped" only to be dropped in helicopter crash 

Why oil price is half of its average production cost in the USA: - for dummies
Two main reasons:
1. From "Putin" to Venezuela, from Saudi Arabia to Iran, from Nigeria to Angola: ALL illuminazi puppets transferring as much oil as they can to illuminati depots.
2. The oil futures currently being traded are not meant to be actually supplied.

Terminating the world as the human cattle knows it - there's no place for relaxing at the beach in the coming world of global slavery.
Psy-ops setting the stage to strip human cattle from the beach:
Fake shark attacks series: surf pro Mick Fanning in South Africa, after episodes in waters previously uncharted by sharks, from North Carolina to Tasmania:
- same as the two Malaysia Airlines Boeings, staged numerologically embedded in 777's "order out of chaos", this time hidden in plain sight.
- same as 9/11, another supposedly "live on TV" hoax.

Sep 22, 2016

South Korea exploding galaxies: revenge on Samsung with smartphones

Feb 2017: Illuminati self-mocking the mockery they used to celebrate taking control of Samsung: Battery Fire Breaks Out in Samsung Factory.
Reminder from Sep 2016:
Illuminati's revenge on Samsung came with literal bombs: the mockery staged as "exploding Galaxies".
It came after illuminati took over Samsung, one of only two not yet controlled global companies (the other one being Google).
The stage: what was one of the only real global markets, smartphones,

South Korea: Coreography of capsized ferry 2014: Samsung smartphones
Apr 16, four days before the birthday of Adolf Hitler, the Ordo Illuminatus Grand Master before, during and after World War II. 
2014-04-16 when it adds to 18 (666), it was celebrated with a mass sacrifice of young blood inside a capsized ferry, just off the coast of South Korea.
One of the most shocking images: teens calling their parents while slowly drowning.
After reading the few lines below you'll know ALSO the basic facts about the company that manufactured the smartphones used that day by hundreds of teens inside the "Sewol" for their last call.

Exploding Galaxies: illuminati joke reduced from Universe to Samsung
Samsung Batteries on Fire - what this illuminati joke is about.
What exploding Samsung galaxies mocks goes beyond the literal astronomical simulation, the computer generated imagery served as "snapshots of the Universe, billions of light years away, caught by NASA spacecraft". 
In 2014 Samsung was one of only two major companies worldwide not TOTALLY controlled by the illuminati.
After taking control of it, the joke fulfills illuminati religion's commandment of revenge.

February 9, 2017 - Battery Fire Breaks Out in Samsung Factory

Nov 21, 2016 - Samsung: Galaxy S7s Are Not Exploding
Isolated reports of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S7 smartphone exploding have not been confirmed, according to the Korean tech giant.
As Samsung continues to deal with the aftermath of its decision to end production of the Galaxy Note 7 following multiple fires and explosions, some Galaxy S7 users have reported their devices are also exploding.
In a statement, Samsung said there are 10 million S7 devices in the US, and none of them have had internal battery failures, but it has confirmed "a number of instances" caused by severe external damage.
"Until Samsung is able to obtain and examine any device, it is impossible to determine the true cause of any incident," the statement said. It was unclear if the company is seeking out the devices in the reported explosions to examine them. A spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Samsung's reputation as a maker of high-end smartphones took a big hit in September when it recalled and ultimately discontinued the Note 7 following multiple confirmed reports of fires and explosions. 
The US Department of Transportation classified Note 7s as dangerous goods and banned passengers from carrying them on commercial flights.
Samsung apologized to consumers and offered incentives to get Note 7 owners to switch to another Samsung phone, but it has so far not announced the cause of the fires and explosions.

October 10, 2016 - Here's why Samsung Note 7 phones are catching fire
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could explode. Read this to satisfy your burning curiosity.
You plug your smartphone into the bedside charger and place it on your nightstand with care.
You wake to find your nightstand in flames, smoke billowing everywhere.
Or maybe your Jeep. Your hotel room. Your entire home.
How could this have happened? Simple: your phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 -- and it's one of over a hundred that have spontaneously burst into flames.
After 35 reported incidents of overheating smartphones worldwide, Samsung made the unprecedented decision to recall every single one of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold. That's said to be 1 million of the 2.5 million that were manufactured. (Since the recall was first announced, the number of explosive Note 7s has nearly quadrupled.)
But why did these phones even catch fire to begin with? On January 22nd, 2017, Samsung finally explained: it's the batteries.
Why would a battery cause so much damage?
Here's what we found out back in September 2016, when this article was originally published.

From Dec 2011, added text identified by date:
Global Economy - the THREE BASIC FACTS
1. All major global companies but two: totally controlled by the Illuminati or more precisely by the Grand Master.
All major corporations, from computers to chemicals, from cars to real estate, are owned by one and the same secret society.
Whenever a new company emerges as a global player, thanks to technological innovation, it will not take long to be overtaken by the illuminati.
Only exceptions, the two resisters: Google and Samsung, "coincidentally" the duo that does stand for innovation.

To what lengths go South Korea government, all illuminati puppets (same as every other UN recognized government)
Illuminati religion: "truth in plain sight" and "human sacrifices, the more and the younger the better"
One episode that is also a crash course for dummies:
Apr 2013 - South Korea ferry captain casted as "The Death"
Korea Ferry "accident" EXPOSED: Mass Ritual Sacrifice of Youth, same as fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil

ASTRONOMY FOR DUMMIES - The ONE BASIC FACT - read and weep about yourself
Any celestial body that can not be observed with a telescope located ON Earth, is fake. 
This one basic fact implies that for instance Pluto (the first example among millions) is an invention created by the illuminati.
Decades later the illuminati used NASA and the soviet space agency to serially produce Pluto type of hoaxes.

Aug 3, 2016

France ISIS kills old priest: funeral as church destruction starts

Fake blood: 86 years old priest killed by ISIS in France - funeral while church destruction starts

Destroying churches after the Catholic Church was destroyed
"Catholic church" was spiritually destroyed long ago, after being run by illuminazi infiltrators since "good pope John XXIII"'s election in 1958.
Afterwards the illuminati started the final stage: the physical destruction of christian churches no longer using wars as a cover-up.

France: ISIS invades Mass to kill extremely old priest - for dummies
Same as the other episodes served on a daily basis, setting the stage for the manhunt for resident muslims (as well as blacks, dissidents, etc), there are jokes included.
One of the killers is casted as "extremely young", to underline that "the only way to prevent it is to lock them all in camps, no matter the age".
The punch line this time: priest's funeral during the celebration of the real physical destruction of yet another historical Middle Age church in France.
This starts with shock police invadinig the church to drag out protesters, with a prostrated priest again as star of the cast. 
Note as ususal the omission technique: not a word about the timing in most related "news", as illustrated by the article "France lays to rest priest slain by jihadists".2. 

Other agendas advanced. Examples: 
- the "ISIS soldier"'s attack line, propagating black is white: those bombing the hell out of Syria, Iraq & Co are "christian crusaders", fomeenting hatred of muslims against christians.
- starring yet another le Pen female, again casted as catholic and patriot, this time Marion the niece not Marine the daughter.

July 27 - 'You Christians, you kill us': Nun reveals words of ISIS knifemen who forced elderly priest, 84, to kneel at altar as they slit his throat on camera after invading Mass - before police shot them

Aug 2 - France lays to rest priest slain by jihadists

Aug 3 - 'France, 2016' Le Pen's fury as riot police DRAG Christians out of church
The niece of French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has expressed her anger at shocking pictures of a Catholic priest being dragged out of a church - by riot police.
Marion Le Pen simply wrote “France, 2016 #SainteRita” alongside the image of the priest who refused to leave the mass he was holding in protest against the demolition of local church Sainte Rita. 

As for the incoming muslim refugees: they are already being gassed in Europe's extermination camps since Sep 2015.
That's why 
- the supposedly one million refugees that arrived in Germany in one year remain invisible 
- there is no list of locations and numbers where they supposedly are detained:
Talk of "Catholic church" and ongoing genocide of refugees in Europe:
Auschwitz before Lesbos and Homos: Satanic Trilogy of genocidal announcements by "Holy Father".
A milestone for truth in plain sight about an ongoing genocide set together with the Lesbos act:
Video "Greece: Refugee children fight barbed-wire with flowers and tears"

Jun 26, 2016

Trillionaires Brexit US debt 400 Richest People

Trillionaires in Brexit cast: contrast US debt with World's 400 Richest People
The US debt, at $19.3 trillion one of the official world's trillionaires, is one of the entitties casted in a leading role in the Brexit script.
But it's another trillionaire entity that first steps on stage, more precisely immediately after the key act "LEAVE wins as close to 50-50 as it gets", although not even in a secondary but rather tertiary role:
It appears in the cast as the " World’s 400 Richest People" at $3.9 trillion.

Illuminati jokes: "World's 400 richest crushed by Brexit, Lose $127 Billion
Most of the "World’s Richest People" are fake billionaires, actors of one of these two tyoes: 
- actors from the start, such as FaCIAbok alias Facebook's Zuckerberg, 
- real millionaires who yet do nothing but to execute orders from the Illuminati Grand Master, such as Microsoft's Gates.
Nothing but actors of both types:
- casted in "2016 Clash of Billionaires: nationalist Trump vs evil jews Soros and Bloomberg".
- named in "World's richest crushed by Brexit", more precisely these: "Europe’s richest person Amancio Ortega, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the wealthiest person in the U.K."
To get what is served by "serious" Bloomberg "news" additionally MOCKS, all you need is to know what the Brexit script is:

The billionaires lost 3.2 percent of their total net worth, bringing the combined sum to $3.9 trillion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. 
The biggest decline belonged to Europe’s richest person, Amancio Ortega, who lost more than $6 billion.
Nine others dropped more than $1 billion, including Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the wealthiest person in the U.K.

Simulated reality: Reduction of computer geek "Billionaire" Bill Gates to actor Mark Zuckerberg

Brexit script exposed long before this post at the NBC site, while LEAVE results being announced as 51% plus one or two decimals.
NBC and yahoo are the only US media outlets that don't prevent the audience to read TRUTH comments, alias the words of VeryLastProphet / Matt M.

BIG BANG starts with the same actor in these acts: Osama [Bin Laden] ressurects in Jerusalem crucified to the missing Boeing 777, Obama [Bi(n La)den's presidency] arrested
The trillionaire US debt also has a leading role in the script:

The script of having a US senate with "republican" majority and a "democratic" president was implemented by using software to multiply votes by 11, both in 2008 and 2012.
Elections by Voting machines are always rigged, the sky is the limit. But now ...
Now "elections" where people still count paper ballots are ALSO rigged

Apr 2014:
Rigged Scotland's referendum: illuminati jokes with the actor playing #1 and #2 in UK's biggest lottery winners

Mar 20, 2016

End of World will be caught with CCTV camera: announced today for Al-Aqsa Jerusalem mosque

End of World as the human cattle knows it: fake crash of missing Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines at Temple Mount.
BIG BANG will be caught with CCTV camera: announced today for Al-Aqsa Jerusalem mosque
March 20, 4 days after the Ides of March and 2 days after the "Rostov crash", where caught with CCTV cameras" was one of the main elements in the coreography:
Jordan to install cameras at flashpoint Jerusalem mosque compound 'in days'.
What this satanic Illuminati joke mocks is what the flashpoint really is
- suicide bomber Netanyhau destroying Israel before the BIG BANG
- the coming act "catching the BIG BANG with a CCTV camera.
Jordan said on Sunday it will set up security cameras around Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound in the coming days to monitor any Israeli "violations".
July 31, 2015 - Snip from the only page worldwide explaining what the "Headlines will be: "Reunion Island's Boeing wing from downed MH17 NOT from missing MH370":
Two gangs of illuminazi suicide bombers in action:
- "Putin" and the fake rebels, used to stage MH17 in July 2014 and blame it on the real rebels while pretending to blame it on Ukraine government.
- "Netanyahu" and the rest of Israel's government, used to stage the resurrection of Obama Bin Laden with a 9/11 remake at Jerusalem, again with pixels used to simulate the "missing" Boeing 777 crashing on Temple Mount.
Talk of parallel scripts and Netanyahu detonating fake bombs to destroy Israel:
FAKE attacks staged by Israeli gov, all nazi agents, to DEMONIZE jewish settlers, orthodox jews and arrest patriots while diverting from reality.
Suicide bomber Netanyahu stages fake blood: gays and palestinian baby burned alive by evil orthodox jews, settlers
Another episode in this series staged "coincidentally " as Boeing 777's wing transported from Reunion Island to France.
Episode staged as usually in parallel scripts, in this case supposedly against gays and the usual "victims", the "poor palestinian" children.
Reality check:
- Treasonous Israeli government expelled jews from Gaza 2005 and destroys jewish settlements in the West Bank.
- across the border, in Syria, since Sept 2014: the elite of the nazi airforce alias "US led coalition of 25 countries", officially shares the syrian skies with the mission's pioneers, Assad's airforce, mostly russian and iranian pilots.
The only "change" ever since: an increase in the daily dosage of chlorine, splitter ammo and barrel bombs over women, children and elderly.
Rostov-on-Don FlyDubai low-cost operator: Timing for Putin to again host a fake airliner crash
Timing hinting that the curtain is about to fall

Mar 17, 2016

Clowns Clooney Cohen syrian genocide mockery Hollywood actors casted

Clowns Clooney to Cohen: Hollywood actors casted in satanic mockery of syrian genocide
Mar 16, 2015: George Clooney who in fact is a lebanese and also plays in serous news leader of Gaza, alias the world's largest theater stage, casted in a remake.
The first episode was served weeks earlier, with another Hollywood star, fake jew Sasha Baron Cohen, who in the "serious" news also plays "masked ISIS commander Jihadi John".

Cohen to Clooney: Why was the punch line drastically reduced?
"Baron Cohen's and wife donation of 1 million to syrian refugees" replaced this time with simply "George Clooney and wife Amal meet syrian refugees".
Why? Because George Clooney plays a much richer role, albeit still far from the role of the fake "billionaire Trump". 
In other words to have the audience, unware that it's all a satanic mockery, comment:
"George looney Clooney, he lives in a mansion in London. 9 rooms as many bathrooms; a dinning area to seat 20-something people; a 60' foot swimming pool, private tennis court and gold facilities plus a huge, high, grated wall with armed security, with over 16 CCTV cameras. 
They live fearless behind their high guarded gates! They care not what happens to others, because they are the only ones important."

Added May 2016 - Talk of scary clown Trump and clown Clooney in action: "Trump Will Never be President Because America is Not Racist".
Clown Clooney marries lebanese tranny Anal alias Amal: it goes beyond mocking who Clooney really is. It's also a parallel script to first ladies "Melania" and "Michelle".

Mar 16, 2015 - George And Amal Clooney Meet Syrian Refugees

May 13, 2016 - As served by the illuminati web of disinfo:
George Clooney: Trump Will Never be President Because America is Not Racist

Sasha Baron Cohen and wife give $1m for Syrian refugees - For dummies
Same illuminazi actor plays fake jew Sacha Baroh Cohen and Jihadi John in the fake ISIS beheadings:
Illuminati mocking cattle with masked actors, from Bill Clinton "impersonator" to Jihadi John
Includes: List of the current tactics to carry out the genocide of syrians:

Same LEBANESE actor plays Hollywood star George Clooney and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal

Melania v Michelle: transgender ends differently from transvestite: Obama trumped twice by scary clown

Nothing but simulated reality: Gaza bombed other than for the camera is a HOAX.
The REAL Truman Show: 1.8 million on World's largest stage; audience not aware that it's a REALITY SHOW