While staging their hoaxes the illuminati include jokes. This is a way to prove their point: their sheep = human cattle.

Jan 3, 2015

Leo Di Caprio plays homeless Beach Sex after impossibe 2014 Oscar result

Illuminati jokes: Leo Di Caprio plays homeless Dr. Beach:
Leonardo DiCaprio ran an experiment on New Year's Day -- can a guy with the beard of a homeless dude get a bunch of chicks to party with him in St. Barts?
You can see the results of Dr. DiCaprio's testing in these photos. Go ahead and click through the gallery -- he gathered a lot of evidence. Very hot evidence.

More Illuminati jokes starring icon Leo di Caprio
Contrast the 2015 New Year's sex on the beach experiment by Leonardo di Caprio with these illuminati experiments with the same actor:
- 2005: first actor ever to be awarded an Oscar for the role he played and yet have another actor officially get the title
- 2014: the inevitable choice for the Oscar, after four previous attempts.
But one month after 43-8, the Super Bowl's 2014 impossible result, yet another impossible result, this time for Di Caprio: 5-0.

In Private Island Bash
Leo shuttled a bunch of chicks -- half a dozen or so -- to a private beach only accessible by boat to celebrate 2015. While he smoked a vape pen and took in the scenery ... a staff of 5 served Leo and co. from a full bar on the beach. 
Even for Leo ... this is one helluva party.

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March 1, 2014
Who will become tonight the first actor to win two oscars for leading role under two different identities, to celebrate the very last Oscars, the termination of Hollywood's simulated reality:
Apparently the obvious choice would be Leonardo di Caprio.
Reminder: "Philip Seymour Hoffman"'s fake death one month earlier was part of the termination of simulated reality on several stages, from drugs to the Superbowl.
But the Illuminati Grand Master certainly has another impossible result for the very last Oscar for actor in a leading role.

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