While staging their hoaxes the illuminati include jokes. This is a way to prove their point: their sheep = human cattle.

Dec 10, 2007

Fiat Money: UBS Swiss Bank as messenger for grounding time

Paper Money: UBS Swiss Bank as messenger for grounding time

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the "tabloid" version

Collapse of Major Banks and "swiss" UBS as milestone in shock and awe
I explained worldwide first and as usually also as only one so far, how the Illuminati are using the "shock and awe" mind control technique and the "swiss" bank UBS as milestone to enter the phase of the collapse of major banks. The explanation included the Swissair grounding, as a milestone in the usage of "shock and awe".(1)

Illuminat jokes for December 10, 2007
For any illuminati expert on illuminati timing, it was clear what would the headlines be, immediately after the TV premiere of "Grounding", Sunday evening December 9.
10 hours later, early enough for the first radio headlines of the week but too late for the print media, another 10 billion "shock".
And again for any illuminati expert on illuminati jokes, it would be clear that these news would be packaged by "Blick", the illuminati outlet playing the "tabloid" role, with the exact same words as in the case of the Swissair, e.g. "X sits on his saddle as solidly as before" (2).
The major illuminati outlet playing the "serious" role, NZZ, prefers to include other type of jokes in the headlines. "Ospel stays" is enough about Marcel Ospel, UBS chairman, the same actor who played one of the major roles in the end of the Swissair script, which he called a "machine of money destruction". But don't worry, this time the Singapore terminators will stop the machine.(3)


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the "serious" version

(1) http://illuminati-overtime.blogspot.com/2007/11/collapse-of-major-banks-illuminati-to.html
(2) "X sitzt aber nach wie vor fest im Sattel". In 2001 the illuminati actor playing the X role was Mario Corti, now it is Marcel Ospel.
Notice again how "Shock and Awe" requires some previously usage of the "Acceptance Level Increase" technique (4). The title is designed to make it obvious: "red, redder" ("Rot, Röter").
(3) The joke completed with: "the largest swiss bank fears red numbers for 2007" ("Die grösste Schweizer Bank befürchtet rote Zahlen für das ganze Jahr") with headlines "UBS yet deeper in credit crisis turmoil" ("UBS noch tiefer im Strudel der Kreditkrise - Ospel bleibt").
(4) Don't forget: if something, say "Acceptance Level Increase", is not clear just google it in quotes together with "MattMarriott". (5)
(5) To start with, do you know the basics, e.g. illuminati jokes, illuminati media, etc? I'm afraid that if you don't, it's already too late to learn it. BTW, that is the case of about everyone in Illuminatiland. And that is the reason why the illuminati were able to add extra episodes like "Collapse of Major Banks" before terminating their "End Times" production.

Added Oct 24, 2008: almost one year later, "Cash Run begins in ... Swiss Banks" finally officially reported in illuminati media. Again packaged as a joke related to the Swissair grounding:
The Great Take-off Begun" (short after Begin of End Time Billions Bailouts, as predicted by End Times Prophet)

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