While staging their hoaxes the illuminati include jokes. This is a way to prove their point: their sheep = human cattle.

Jun 15, 2007

SKYLAB Space Station Crash 1979 - Illuminati Jokes for dummies

SKYLAB Space Station Crash 1979 - Illuminati Jokes for dummies
While staging their hoaxes the illuminati include jokes . This is a way to prove their point, i.e. their sheep = human cattle.
Some of the jokes included in the script of "Skylab's Fiery Fall" hoax, used to terminate the Skylab Hoax, July 1979, exposed worldwide first June 2007.
1. The Lottery - at that time not a Joke
In 1979 the Lottery Jackpot was not yet hoaxed. So inverting reality was not yet the sense of having their media tell you this:
 "the probability of any specific person being struck is 1 in 600 billionfar less than the chance of being hit by a bolt of lightning or winning a lottery."  (1)
2. The "Impact" Location Joke
The location chosen :“Balladonia is the safest place in the world, in the most remote place, in the most remote continent”. (5)
For the CIA & NASA operatives, the most important task in the "Fiery Fall" mission was  to plant the debris and above all make sure there was no danger of a large number of witnesses testifying later they had seen nothing:
“Back in 1979, the Americans wanted to bring their satellite Skylab back to earth and they believe it would crash-land it into the Southern Ocean. We had NASA people roaming the outback for weeks ahead of it coming down and it probably presented Balladonia with its greatest historical event ever. There were more aircraft movements on the day than I believe Perth airport,” Chairperson of the Eyre Highway operator’s association Bob Bongiorno said.(2)
Meanwhile these were the jokes in the illuminati media (1):
Despite all their wondrous tracking stations, bristling with huge radar antennas and feeding the most advanced electronic computers, America's top military and civilian space scientists could not predict even roughly where Skylab would fall. Until the final hours, they could narrow the area of eventual impact only to a vast global band between 50° north latitude and 50° south latitude—a sweep of about 109 million sq. mi., or nearly 56% of the earth's area. Conceded Hal Sierra, one of the technicians monitoring Skylab's death throes from the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center near Houston: "We're balancing on a knife edge—but we're not sure where the knife is."
Officials of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which conceived and launched Skylab six years ago, took comfort in the mathematics of probabilities. Some 500 fragments of the huge space workshop will be dispersed over an area 4,000 miles long and 100 miles wide, a scattering that the scientists call, with anthropomorphic archness, Skylab's "footprint." Moreover, on each of Skylab's 90-minute orbits of the earth, nearly 67 minutes, or 75%, is spent over water. What all that means, contend NASA'S statisticians, is that the chance of any remnant striking a human being is only 1 in 152;
3. The "Debris" Jokes
This was the best chapter. Much richer in details as the 9/11 debris.
The only photo in location with a piece of "debris" suggests it is a toilet (a) [footnote appended 2009]. Almost as funny as the piece reserved to be displayed at the local museum...
These were some of jokes in the illuminati media before the "impact":
One of the heaviest pieces of Skylab, a two-ton lead-lined vault used for film storage, is capable of digging a hole 5 ft. wide and 100 ft. deep. And within the band of Skylab's orbital paths lie some of the world's most populous areas, including all of the U.S., much of Europe, India and China. Indeed, the chance of debris falling in some city of at least 100,000 inhabitants is a sobering 1 in 7. Only 10% of the earth's inhabitants can be considered totally free of any risk from Skylab's metallic fallout.
Where there is a fine, there must be debris...
An Australian municipality, the Shire of Esperance, fined the United States $400 for littering. [1] In 2004, the History Channel documentary "History Rocks" stated, in an episode covering major events of 1979, that this fine has never been paid. (3)

... and that debris is actually the best it could happen to Australia:
"Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser wrote a letter to US president Jimmy Carter, praising the scientific research Skylab had done during its active lifespan. Even so, he said, he would have preferred Skylab hadn't fallen on his country.
He then suggested tongue-in-cheek a trade be made of Skylab wreckage in return for higher Australian beef export quotas to the US market." (4)

4. The Prize Joke
From Wikipedia (6), which is totally controlled by censors in the Illuminati payroll:
The San Francisco Examiner offered a $10,000 prize for the first piece of Skylab to be delivered to their offices. 17-year-old Stan Thornton scooped a few pieces of Skylab off the roof of his home in Esperance, Western Australia and caught the first flight to San Francisco, where he collected his prize.

30 years later, dramatic can be added at will to this act. Compare to take 1 of the same act: "One lad from Esperance found one of the first pieces and was flown to America as a guest of NASA,” Bob said. (2)
5. The Beauty of America in the Universe Joke: Miss Universe and Miss America
The location for the Miss Universe contest 1979, was a consequence of the script for the "crash". Wikipedia about this "coincidence":
In a coincidence for the organizers, the annual Miss Universe pageant was scheduled to be held a few days later, on 20 July 1979 in nearby Perth, Western Australia. A large piece of Skylab debris was displayed on the stage.

So why wonder that the two most prominent visitors to Balladonia were "Jimmy" Carter and ... Miss America (5)?

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http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,920502,00.html -- archive
(2) A hole in one for balladonia - ABC Australia, 22 December  2006 - 28 years later, the illuminati no more need to check previously if the story is fit to print... Update: link deleted, still in archive: abc.net.au
(3) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skylab
(4) When Space Stations Fall...

Talk of illuminati jokes and Spae Station hoax
 Search for "baby" in link below, for one of the  jokes included in the final chapter of the Space Station fable, ongoing.
ATTENTION: NASA is putting an End to the BIG HOAX ISS Shit-tle, aka Space Shuttle

SKYLAB Space Station HOAX - exposed worldwide first time... 29 years later!

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